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of the maple tree; maple;

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ng)Are We Having Fun Yet? (Slang)Anweisungsliste (DIN 19 239), Auswahl-LogikApple Workgroup Ser

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Appletalk Address Resolution Protocol (Apple, AppleTalk) From VERA

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p:// this parameter is set to a filename and the MAILPATH variable is not set, bash informs the user of the arrival of mail in the specified file. From Rute-Users-Guide set, and a file that bash is checking for mail has been accessed since the last time it was checked, the message The mail in mailfile has been read'' is printed. From Rute-Users-Guide how often (in sec

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2. воен. embrasure, crenel, loop-ho

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1. {Alternating bit protocol}.

2. {Microsoft} {Address Book Provider}.


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Inter: IPA letters » A|A|R|P|lang=en

Proper noun

Inter: en-proper nou » n
  • Inter: initialism of » Category: w - :American Association of Retired Persons|American Association of Retired Persons


    * apar, Pará, para

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