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s may raise a presumption of
antecedent fraud, and thus become a means of proving the want of good faith
in making the contract. 2 Miles' Rep. 229; and see also, Rob. Fraud. Conv.
33, 34; Inst. 2, 6 Dig. 41, 3, 10 and 44; Id. 41, 1, 48; Code, 7, 31; 9 Co.
11; Wingate's Maxims, max. 37; Lane, 47; Plowd. 473; 9 Pick. R. 265; 12
Pick. R. 545; 8 Conn. R. 336; 10 Conn. R. 30; 3 Watts, R. 25; 5 Wend. R. 20,
566. In the civil law these actions are called (actiones) bonae fidei, in
which the judge has a. more unrestrained power (liberior potestas) of
estimating how much one person ought to give to or do, for another; whereas,
those actions are said to be stricti juris, in which the power of the judge
is confined to the agreement of the parties. Examples of the foraier are the
actions empti-venditi, locati-conducti, negitiorum gestorum, &c.; of the
latter, the actions ex mutus, ex chirographo, ex stipilatu, ex indebito,
actions proescriptis verbis, &c.BONA GESTURA. Good behaviour.BONA MOBILIA. Movable goods, personal property.BONA NOTABILIA Engl. ecclesiastical law. Notable goods. When a person dies
having at the time of his death, goods in any other diocese, beside's the
goods in the diocese where he dies, amounting to the value of five pounds in
the whole, he is said to have bona notabilia; in which case proof of his

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Inter: suffix » able|er


Inter: a » US Inter: IPA » /eɪ.blɚ/|/eɪ.bə.lɚ/


  • Inter: comparative of » able


    * baler
    • blare
    • blear

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