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in a mi

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will, or granting letters of administration, belongs to the archbishop of
the province. 1 Roll. Ab. 908; Toll. Ex. 51 Williams on Ex. Index, h. t.BONA PERITURA. Perishable goods.
2. An executor, administrator, or trustee, is bound to use due
diligence in disposing of perishable goods, such as fattened cattle, grain,
fruit, or any other article which may be worse for keeping. Bac. Ab.
Executors, &c. D; 11 Vin. Ab. 102; 1 Roll. Ab. 910; 5 Cro. Eliz.518;
Godb.104; 3 Munf. R. 288; 1 Beat. R. 5,14; Dane's Ab. Index, h. t.
3. In Pennsylvania, when goods are attached, they may be sold by order
of court, when they are of a perishable nature. Vide Wesk. on Ins. 390;
Serg. on Attachm. Index.BONA VACANTIA. Goods to which no one claims a property, as, shipwrecks,
treasure trove, &c.; vacant goods.BONA WAVIATA. Goods waived or thrown away by a thief, in his flight, for
fear of being apprehended.BOND, contract. An obligation or bond is a deed whereby the obligor, obliges
himself, his heirs, executors and administrators, to pay a certain sum of
money to another at a day appointed. But see 2 Shepl. 185. If this be all,
the bond is called a single one, simplex obligatio; but there is generally a
condition added, that if the obligor pays a smaller sum, or does, or omits
to do some particular act, the obligation shall be

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Inter: suffix » able|est


Inter: a » US Inter: IPA » /eɪ.bləst/|/eɪ.bə.ləst/


  • Inter: superlative of » able


    * ablets
    • bastle
    • bleats
    • stable
    • tables

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