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ntract onerous in its nature. Id.
art. 1767.
18. Considered in relation to their effects, contracts are either
certain or hazardous. A contract is certain, when the thing to be done is
supposed to depend on the will of the party, or when, in the usual course of
events, it must happen in the manner stipulated. It is hazardous, when the
performance.of that which is one of its objects, depends on an uncertain
event. Id. art. 1769.
19. Pothier, in his excellent treatise on Obligations, p. 1, c. 1, s. 1,
art. 2, divides contracts under the five following heads:
20.-1. Into reciprocal and unilateral.
21.-2. Into consensual, or those which are formed by the mere consent
of the parties, such as sale, hiring and mandate; and those in which it is
necessary there s

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