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hould be something more than mere consent, such as loan of
money, deposit or pledge, which from their nature require a delivery of the
thing, (r

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ei); whence they are called real contracts. See Real Contracts.
22.-3. Into first, contracts of mutual interest, which are such as are
entered into for the reciprocal interest and utility of each of the parties,
as sales exchange, partnership, and the like.
23.-2d. Contracts of beneficence, which are those by which only one of
the contracting parties is benefited, as loans, deposit and mandate. 3d.
Mixed contracts, which are those by which one of the parties confers a
benefit on the other, receiving something of inferior value in return, such
as a donation subject to a charge,
24.-4. Into principal and accessory.
25.-5. Into those which are subjected by the civil law to certain
rules and forms, and those which ate regulated by mere natur

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home computers first released by
{Commodore Business Machines} in early 1985 (though they did
not design the original - see below). Amigas were popular for
{games}, {video processing},