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bead on

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Agreements; Covenants; Vendor, Vendee; Supp. to
Ves. jr. vol. 2, p. 260, 295, 376, 441; Yelv. 47; 4 Ves. jr., 497, 671;
Archb. Civ. Pl. 22; Code Civ. L. 3, tit. 3 to 18; Pothier's Tr. of
Obligations Sugden on Vendors and Purchasers; Story's excellent treatise on
Bailments; Jones on Bailments; Toullier, Droit Civil Francais, tomes 6 et 7;
Ham. Parties to Actions, Ch. 1; Chit. Pr. Index, h.t.; and the articles
Agreement; Apportionment; Appropriation; Assent; Assignment; Assumpsit;
Attestation; Bailment; Bargain and sale; Bidder;

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hine, infused some money, and pushed it through the final
stages of development in a hurry. Commodore released it
sometime[?] in 1985.

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* Inter: rhymes » eɪkɪŋ


  • Inter: present participle of » ache


    Inter: en-ad » j

  • That aches; continuously painful. See ache
    1. Inter: rfdat » e Category: w - :Henry Wadsworth Longfellow|Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    2. : The aching heart, the aching head.

      Derived terms

      * achingly

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