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mit a crime. Vide Insanity; Mania.DEMESNE, Eng. law. The name given to that portion of the lands of a manor
which the lord retained in his own hands for the use of himself and family.
These lands were called terra dominicales or demesne lands, because they
were occupied by the lord, or dominus manerii, and his servants, &c. 2 Bl.
Com. 90. Vide Ancient Demesne; Demesne as of fee; and Soil assault demesne.DEMESNE AS OF FEE. A man is said to be seised in his demesne as of fee of a
corporeal inheritance, because he has a property dominicum or demesne in the
thing itself. 2 Bl. Com. 106. But when he has no dominion in the thing
itself, as in the case of an incorporeal hereditament, he is said to be
seised as of fee, and not in his demesne as of fee. Litt. s. 10; 17 S. & R.
196; Jones on Land Titles, i66.
2. Formerly it was the practice in an action on the case, e. g. for a
nuisance to real estate, to aver in the declaration the seisin of the
plaintiff in demesne as of fee; and this is still necessary, in order to

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adj : expressing reproof or reproach especially as a corrective
[syn: {admonitory}, {reproachful}, {reproving}]

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