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trict, in any court of the United States, who shall live
at a greater distance from the pla

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n 1: Roman Emperor who was the adoptive son of Trajan; travelled
throughout his empire to strengthen its frontiers and
encourage learning and architecture; on a visit to
Britain in 122 he ordered the construction of Hadrian's
Wall (76-138) [syn: {Hadrian}, {Publius Aelius Hadrianus}]
2: English physiologist who conducted research into the
function of neurons; 1st Baron of Cambridge (1889-1997)
[syn: {Edgar Douglas Adrian}, {Baron Adrian}]

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Inter: also » Adrián


Inter: wikipedi » a


From Inter: etyl » la Hadrianus, meaning "From the Roman harbour Hadria".


* Inter: a » UK Inter: IPA » /ˈeɪ.dɹiː.ən/ Inter: X-SAMPA » /"eI.dri:.@n/

Proper noun

Inter: en-proper nou » n
  • Inter: given name » male|from=Latin.
    1. Inter: RQ:Shakespeare Tempest » II: Scene 1:
    2. : Which, of he or Adrian, for a good wager, first begins to crow?
    3. 1874 Bertha de Jongh, The Sisters Lawless, by the author of Rosa Noel, page 245:
    4. : "My only worth will be in always remembering to do the thing that pleases you; and yet, although I don't really like Adie, it has a more home-like, more whisperable sound than Adrian. Adrian is a grand, heroic sort of a name, yet what a beautiful name it is.
    5. 1912 Category: w - :Saki|Saki, Category: s - :Adrian|Adrian:
    6. : His baptismal register spoke of him pessimistically as John Henry, but he had left that behind with the other maladies of infancy, and his friends knew him under the front-name of Adrian.

      Usage notes

      * Made famous by the Roman emperor Hadrian and early saints. Rare as a given name among English-speakers until the second half of the 20th century.

      Related terms

      * pet form: Adie

  • female given names: Adriana, Adrienne


    Inter: trans-top » male given name
  • Catalan: Inter: t+ » ca|Adrià|m
  • Danish: Inter: t- » da|Adrian
  • Dutch: Inter: t- » nl|Adriaan
  • Finnish: Inter: t+ » fi|Ari
  • French: Inter: t+ » fr|Adrien
  • German: Inter: t+ » de|Adrian
  • Greek: Άδριανός (Adrianós)
  • Hebrew: Inter: t- » he|אדריאן|sc=Hebr
  • Hungarian: Inter: t+ » hu|Adorján
  • Italian: Inter: t+ » it|Adriano
  • Latin: Inter: t- » la|Adrianus, Inter: t- » la|Hadrianus

  • Inter: trans-mi » d
    • Latvian: Inter: t- » lv|Adrians|m
    • Norwegian: Inter: t+ » no|Adrian
    • Old Dutch: Adriaen
    • Persian: Inter: t » fa|آدریان|tr=Âdriân|sc=fa-Arab
    • Portuguese: Adriano, Adrião
    • Russian: Адриан (Adrian), Андриан (Andrian)
    • Serbo-Croatian: Inter: t- » sh|Jadranko
    • Spanish: Inter: t+ » es|Adriano, Inter: t+ » es|Adrián|m
    • Swedish: Inter: t+ » sv|Adrian
    • Ukrainian: Inter: t- » uk|Адріан|tr=Adrián
    • West Frisian: Arjan

    Inter: trans-botto » m


    Inter: en-ad » j
  • Relating to the Adriatic Sea.
    1. : Adrian billows


      * Darian

  • radian

  • Danish

    Proper noun

    Inter: head » da|proper noun
  • Inter: given name » male|lang=da of Inter: etyl » la|da origin.

  • German

    Proper noun

    Inter: head » de|proper noun
  • Inter: given name » male|lang=de of Inter: etyl » la|de origin.

    Related terms

    * Adi, Adri, Adriaen, Adrianus, Ari, Ary

  • Manx

    Proper noun

    Inter: head » gv|proper noun|g=m
  • Inter: given name » male|lang=gv

  • Norwegian

    Proper noun

    Inter: head » no|proper noun
  • Inter: given name » male|lang=no of Inter: etyl » la|no origin.

  • Swedish

    Proper noun

    Inter: head » sv|proper noun
  • Inter: given name » male|lang=sv of Inter: etyl » la|sv origin.

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    Adrián at English (WD) Of Explained:

    Inter: also » Adrian


    Proper noun

    Inter: es-proper noun » m
  • Inter: given name » male|lang=es; the Spanish equivalent of Adrian.

  • Translation: es » Adrián
    Translation: gl » Adrián
    Translation: hu » Adrián
    Translation: pl » Adrián
    Translation: th » Adrián