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Cowslip \Cow"slip`\ (-sl[i^]p`), n. [AS. c[=u]slyppe,
c[=u]sloppe, prob. orig., cow's droppings. Cf. {Slop}, n.]
1. A common flower in England ({Primula veris}) having yellow
blossoms and appearing in early spring. It is often
cultivated in the United States.

2. In the United States, the marsh marigold ({Caltha
palustris}), appearing in wet places in early spring and
often used as a pot herb. It is nearer to a buttercup than
to a true cowslip. See Illust. of {Marsh marigold}.

{American cowslip} (Bot.), a pretty flower of the West
({Dodecatheon Meadia}), belonging to the same order
({Primulace[ae]}) with the English cowslip.

{French cowslip} (Bot.), bear's-ear ({Primula Auricula}).