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Oxtongue \Ox"tongue`\, n. (Bot.)
A name given to several plants, from the shape and roughness
of their leaves; as, {Anchusa officinalis}, a kind of
bugloss, and {Helminthia echioides}, both European herbs.

Alkanet \Al"ka*net\, n. [Dim. of Sp. alcana, alhe[~n]a, in which
al is the Ar. article. See {Henna}, {and cf}. {Orchanet}.]
1. (Chem.) A dyeing matter extracted from the roots of
{Alkanna tinctoria}, which gives a fine deep red color.

2. (Bot.)
(a) A boraginaceous herb ({Alkanna tinctoria}) yielding
the dye; orchanet.
(b) The similar plant {Anchusa officinalis}; bugloss;
also, the American puccoon.

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Anchusa officinalis
n : perennial or biennial herb cultivated for its delicate
usually blue flowers [syn: {bugloss}, {alkanet}]