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Anchylosis \An`chy*lo"sis\, Ankylosis \An`ky*lo"sis\, n. [NL.,
fr. Gr. ?, fr. ?, fr. ? to crook, stiffen, fr. ? crooked: cf.
F. ankylose.]
1. (Med.) Stiffness or fixation of a joint; formation of a
stiff joint. --Dunglison.

2. (Anat.) The union of two or more separate bones to from a
single bone; the close union of bones or other structures
in various animals.

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n : abnormal adhesion and rigidity of the bones of a joint [syn:

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    1. Inter: quote-book » year=1906|author=Harry Caulton Reeks|title=Diseases of the Horse's Foot|chapter=|edition=|url=

    |passage=The end result is one of anchylosis of the joint and permanent lameness. ''
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