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Water moccasin \Wa"ter moc"ca*sin\ (Zo["o]l.)
A venomous North American snake ({Ancistrodon piscivorus})
allied to the rattlesnake but destitute of a rattle. It lives
in or about pools and ponds, and feeds largely of fishes.
Called also {water snake}, {water adder}, {water viper}.

Moccasin \Moc"ca*sin\, n. [An Indian word. Algonquin makisin.]
[Sometimes written {moccason}.]
1. A shoe made of deerskin, or other soft leather, the sole
and upper part being one piece. It is the customary shoe
worn by the American Indians.

2. (Zo["o]l.) A poisonous snake of the Southern United
States. The water moccasin ({Ancistrodon piscivorus}) is
usually found in or near water. Above, it is olive brown,
barred with black; beneath, it is brownish yellow, mottled
with darker. The upland moccasin is {Ancistrodon
atrofuscus}. They resemble rattlesnakes, but are without

{Moccasin flower} (Bot.), a species of lady's slipper
({Cypripedium acaule}) found in North America. The lower
petal is two inches long, and forms a rose-colored
moccasin-shaped pouch. It grows in rich woods under
coniferous trees.