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Andesine \An"des*ine\, n. (Min.)
A kind of triclinic feldspar found in the Andes.

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Named for the type locality in the Andes Mountains.


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  • Inter: minera » l Sodium calcium aluminum silicate, (Na_xCa_xAlSi_3O_8), a plagioclase feldspar, the third member of the albite-anorthite solid solution series. Found in fine-grained andesite lavas; crystals are rarely seen.

    Related terms

    * rock
    • feldspar
    • plagioclase


      Inter: trans-top » sodium calcium aluminum silicate
    • Catalan: Inter: t- » ca|andesina|f
    • Japanese: Inter: t- » ja|中性長石|tr=ちゅうせいちょうせき, chūseichōseki

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  • Spanish: Inter: t- » es|andesina|f

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