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Anoxaemia \An`ox*[ae]"mi*a\, -emia \-e"mi*a\, n. [NL.; Gr. ?
priv. + oxygen + Gr. ? blood.] (Med.)
An abnormal condition due to deficient a["e]ration of the
blood, as in balloon sickness, mountain sickness. --
{An`ox*[ae]"mic}, {*e"mic}, a.

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Alternative forms

Inter: top » 4
  • anoxæmia Inter: qualifier » UK
  • anoxhæmia Inter: qualifier » UK
  • anoxyhæmia Inter: qualifier » UK

  • Inter: mid » 2
    • anoxhaemia Inter: qualifier » UK
    • anoxemia Inter: qualifier » US
    • anoxhemia Inter: qualifier » US

    Inter: botto » m


    Inter: confix » a|oxy-|aemia, from Inter: etyl » grc: Inter: term » sc=polytonic|ἀν-||tr=an‐|absence of|lang=grc with Inter: term » sc=polytonic|ὀξύς||tr=oxus|sharp|lang=grc and Inter: term » αἷμα||tr=aima|blood|lang=grc.


    Inter: en-noun » -|s
  • Inter: medicin » e Inter: l » en|critical|Critical lack of Inter: l » en|oxygen in blood; severe Inter: l » en|hypoxaemia.
    1. 1881. Henry Power and Leonard W. Sedgwick, New Sydenham Societys Lexicon of Medicine and the Allied Sciences (Based on Maye's Lexicon)'', Vol I:
    2. : Anoxaemia is a term introduced by Jourdanet to indicate the diminished quantity of oxygen contained in the blood of those living at high altitudes, where the tension of the oxygen in the surrounding air is considerably decreased'''.

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    * French: anoxyhémie
    Translation: ta » anoxaemia
    Translation: vi » anoxaemia