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Goose \Goose\ (g[=oo]s), n.; pl. {Geese} (g[=e]s). [OE. gos, AS.
g[=o]s, pl. g[=e]s; akin to D. & G. gans, Icel. g[=a]s, Dan.
gaas, Sw. g[*a]s, Russ. guse. OIr. geiss, L. anser, for
hanser, Gr. chh`n, Skr. ha[.m]sa. [root]233. Cf. {Gander},
{Gannet}, {Ganza}, {Gosling}.] (Zo["o]l.)
1. Any large web-footen bird of the subfamily {Anserin[ae]},
and belonging to {Anser}, {Branta}, {Chen}, and several
allied genera. See {Anseres}.

Note: The common domestic goose is believed to have been
derived from the European graylag goose ({Anser
anser}). The bean goose ({A. segetum}), the American
wild or Canada goose ({Branta Canadensis}), and the
bernicle goose ({Branta leucopsis}) are well known
species. The American white or snow geese and the blue
goose belong to the genus {Chen}. See {Bernicle},
{Emperor goose}, under {Emperor}, {Snow goose}, {Wild
goose}, {Brant}.

2. Any large bird of other related families, resembling the
common goose.

Note: The Egyptian or fox goose ({Alopochen [AE]gyptiaca})
and the African spur-winged geese ({Plectropterus})
belong to the family {Plectropterid[ae]}. The
Australian semipalmated goose ({Anseranas semipalmata})
and Cape Barren goose ({Cereopsis
Nov[ae]-Hollandi[ae]}) are very different from northern
geese, and each is made the type of a distinct family.
Both are domesticated in Australia.

3. A tailor's smoothing iron, so called from its handle,
which resembles the neck of a goose.

4. A silly creature; a simpleton.

5. A game played with counters on a board divided into
compartments, in some of which a goose was depicted.

The pictures placed for ornament and use, The twelve
good rules, the royal game of goose. --Goldsmith.

{A wild goose chase}, an attempt to accomplish something
impossible or unlikely of attainment.

{Fen goose}. See under {Fen}.

{Goose barnacle} (Zo["o]l.), any pedunculated barnacle of the
genus {Anatifa} or {Lepas}; -- called also {duck
barnacle}. See {Barnacle}, and {Cirripedia}.

{Goose cap}, a silly person. [Obs.] --Beau. & .

{Goose corn} (Bot.), a coarse kind of rush ({Juncus

{Goose feast}, Michaelmas. [Colloq. Eng.]

{Goose flesh}, a peculiar roughness of the skin produced by
cold or fear; -- called also {goose skin}.

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