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Seleucid king of the Syrian empire (223-187 BC). After quelling a rebellion by Achaeus, his governor in Asia Minor (213), he marched east to India (212-205). He forged a peaceful alliance with Armenia, and forcible ones with Parthia and Bactria, stilling resistance to his campaign. Following Ptolemy IV's death, he and Philip V of Macedonia divided most of Ptolemy's empire, Antiochus taking the S and E lands, incl. Palestine (c.202). He then marched against Egypt, concluding a peace in 195, through which he acquired S Syria and Ptolemy's territories in Asia Minor. Rome grew angry with him after he admitted Hannibal of Carthage to his court; when he took a force to defend the Aetolians against Rome, Rome struck against him, eventually defeating him at Magnesia (189). He gave up lands in Europe and W Asia Minor but kept Syria, Mesopotamia, and W Iran. He was murdered while exacting much-needed tribute near Susa.