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1 a county in Northern Ireland:
2 a town in Northern Ireland:

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Town (pop., 1981: 22,000) and district (pop., 1995 est.: 49,000), Northern Ireland. The town borders Lough Neagh. In 1798 it was the scene of a battle in which several thousand nationalist insurgents led by Henry J. McCracken were defeated by the British. A busy market center, Antrim town was formerly an important locale for the linen industry. Also the name of a former Northern Ireland county, the area it covered has evidence of human inhabitation dating to c.6000 BC. Anglo-Norman adventurers arrived in the 12th cent. AD, and the area became part of the earldom of Ulster. The invasion by Edward Bruce from Scotland in 1315 caused the decline of British power. In Northern Ireland's 1973 administrative reorganization, the county was divided into several districts.

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  • A county in the north-east of Northern Ireland, also known as County Antrim
    1. The administrative centre of County Antrim

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