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(fl. late 4th cent.-early 3rd cent. BC) Greek painter. He studied under Pamphilus and was court painter to Philip II of Macedonia and his son, Alexander the Great. Notable works included a portrait of Alexander, an allegorical picture of Calumny, and a painting of Aphrodite rising from the sea. A master of composition and chiaroscuro, he was noted for his technical improvements; he used a dark glaze to preserve his paintings and soften their color. Though no copies of his works survive, he was considered in antiquity the greatest of Greek painters.

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trisectionsan1 deng3 fen1 jiao3

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claration, word, confirmation, oath, affidavit, deposition, assurance, protest, protestati

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From the Inter: etyl » la|en Inter: term » Apelles|Apellēs|lang=la, from the Inter: etyl » grc|en Inter: term » Ἀπελλῆς|lang=grc (Apellēs, Category: w - :Apelles|Apelles of Kos, a renowned painter in the time of Category: w - :Alexander the Great|Alexander the Great).


* Inter: a » RP Inter: enPR » əpĕʹlēz, Inter: IPA » /əˈpɛliːz/, Inter: X-SAMPA » /@"pEli:z/


Inter: head » en|noun|{{l|en|singulare tantum}}
  • Inter: context » used connotatively A master Inter: l » en|artist.


    * “Apelles” listed on page 382 of volume I (A–B) of Category: w - :Oxford English Dictionary|A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles ed., 1885
      Apelles (Inter: enPRchar » ăpe·līz). The name of a distinguished Greek painted in the time of Alexander the Great; sometimes used connotatively for a master artist. ¶ c1630 Drumm. of Hawth. Wks. 1711, 2/1 Gold-smith of all the stars, with silver bright Who moon enamels, Apelles of the flow’rs. 1711 Shaftesb. Charac. (1737) I. 227 That none Apelles shou’d draw their picture.
    • Apelles” listed in the Oxford English Dictionary ed., 1989

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