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Arbeitsdatei PIOS Innere Sicherheit (INPOL, PIOS) From VERA

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In ancient Egyptian religion, a sacred bull deity worshiped at Memphis. The cult originated at least as early as the 1st dynasty (c.2925-c.2775 BC). Apis was probably at first a fertility god but became associated with Ptah and also with Osiris and Sokaris, gods of the dead. When an Apis bull died, it was buried with great pomp, and the calf that was to be its successor was installed at Memphis. Apis's priests drew omens from the bull's behavior, and his oracle had a wide reputation. The worship of Serapis (a combination of Osiris and Apis) probably arose at Memphis in the 3rd cent. BC and became one of the most widespread oriental cults in the Roman empire.

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Apis \A"pis\, n. [L., bee.] (Zo["o]l.)
A genus of insects of the order Hymenoptera, including the
common honeybee ({Apis mellifica}) and other related species.
See {Honeybee}.

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n : type genus of the Apidae: honeybees [syn: {genus Apis}]

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1[ A-√ piS ] P. ( [ 'A-pinaSTi ] cf. AV. xx , 133 , 1

---> pf. [ -pip'eSa ] cf. VS. ix , 11 ) to press or rub against , to


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Inter: also » APIs



Inter: ca-noun-form » m|p
  • Inter: plural of » api|lang=ca

  • Crimean Tatar


  • prison


    Inter: crh-latin-noun » niñ|ke|ni|te|ten


    * türme

  • Category: Category:Crimean Tatar nouns -


    Category: Image - :Drinking Bee.jpg|thumb|apis (a bee)

    Alternative forms

    * apes


    Uncertain. Possibly of Ancient Egyptian origin, where in hieroglyphs it was rendered as Inter: term » |bj.t|honey bee (.t is common Afro-Asiatic feminine postfix). Inter: etyl » ine-pro|la Inter: recons » bʰi-|lang=ine-pro reconstructible from Germanic and Balto-Slavic evidence gave Old English Inter: term » beo|bēo| (English Inter: term » bee|lang=en), but would have entered the Latin then as the reduced form /af/ from /?fj/. Alternatively, one can assume modification of initial obstruent due to a taboo (common for Proto-Indo-European flora). Other theories speculate on Osco-Umbrian borrowing, from an original *Inter: term » |akuis||sharp, stinging (confer Latin Inter: term » |aqui-||sharp in Inter: term » aquifolius|lang=la, Inter: term » aquilinus|lang=la; Osco-Umbrian reflex of Proto-Indo-European labiovelar */kʷ/ that gives Latin is regularly /p/).


    * Inter: a » Classical Inter: IPA » /ˈa.pis/|lang=la
    • Inter: audio » la-cls-apis.ogg|Audio (Classical)


      Inter: la-noun » apis|apis|apis|f|third

  • A bee.
    1. 2 BC — Category: w - :Ovid|Ovid, Category: s:la - :Ars Amatoria|Ars Amatoria, book I
    2. : aut ut apēs saltusque suos et olentia nactae / pascua per flōrēs et thyma summa volant
    3. :: or as the bees, when they have found plants to plunder of their honey, hover hither and thither among the thyme and the flowers


      Inter: la-decl-3rd-PAR » apis|apis|ap

      Derived terms

      Inter: top » 2

  • apiānus
  • Inter: l » la|apiarium|apiārium
  • apiārius
  • apiastra

  • Inter: mid » 2
    • apīcius
    • apicula
    • apium

    Inter: botto » m


    Inter: top » 2
  • Campidanese Sardinian: Inter: l » sro|abi
  • Corsican: Inter: l » co|abba
  • Dalmatian: Inter: l » dlm|juopa
  • English: Inter: l » en|apiculture
  • Friulian: Inter: l » fur|âv

  • Inter: mid » 2
    • Italian: Inter: l » it|ape
    • Neapolitan: Inter: l » nap|apa, Inter: l » nap|lapa
    • Old French: Inter: l » fro|ef
    • Sardinian: Inter: l » sc|àbe
    • Sicilian: Inter: l » scn|lapa

    Inter: botto » m

    See also

    * crabro
  • mel
  • vespa {{f}}

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    Inter: also » apis



  • Inter: plural of » API


    * ASPI
    • Pisa

    Translation: mg » APIs
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