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Smallage \Small"age\, n. [Small + F. ache smallage. See {Ach}
parsley.] (Bot.)
A biennial umbelliferous plant ({Apium graveolens}) native of
the seacoats of Europe and Asia. When deprived of its acrid
and even poisonous properties by cultivation, it becomes

Celery \Cel"er*y\, n. [F. c['e]leri, cf. Prov. It. seleno,
seler; fr. Gr. ? parsley, in Lgr. & NGr. celery. Cf.
{Parsley}.] (Bot.)
A plant of the Parsley family ({Apium graveolens}), of which
the blanched leafstalks are used as a salad.

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Apium graveolens
n : herb of Europe and temperate Asia [syn: {wild celery}]

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