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Apod \Ap"od\, Apodal \Ap"o*dal\, a. [See {Apod}, n.]
1. Without feet; footless.

2. (Zo["o]l.) Destitute of the ventral fin, as the eels.

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adj : (of snakes and eels) naturally footless; "eels are apodal"
[syn: {apodous}]

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Alternative forms

* apod
  • apodan


    Inter: etyl » grc Inter: term » ἀ-|tr=a-|lang=grc + Inter: term » ποδός|lang=grc|tr=podos, genitive of Inter: term » πούς||foot|tr=pous with the suffix Inter: term » -al|lang=en.


    Inter: en-adj » -

  • Inter: biolog » y without feet or foot-like body parts; legless

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