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Apodeictic \Ap"o*deic"tic\, Apodictic \Ap`o*dic"tic\,
Apodeictical \Ap`o*deic"tic*al\, Apodictical \Ap`o*dic"tic*al\,
a. [L. apodicticus, Gr. ?, fr. ? to point out, to show by
argument; ? from + ? to show.]
Self-evident; intuitively true; evident beyond contradiction.
--Brougham. Sir Wm. Hamilton.

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From Inter: suffix » apodictic|al.


Inter: en-ad » j
  • Inter: archai » c Apodictic; being clearly demonstrable; certain.
    1. 1646, Inter: w » Thomas Browne, Pseudodoxia Epidemica, I.10:
    2. : For holding an Apodictical knowledge, and assured science of its verity, to perswade their apprehensions unto a plurality of gods in the world, were to make Euclide believe there were more than one Center in a Circle ....

    Translation: vi » apodictical