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n [C] [Date: 1800-1900; Origin: Probably from Palouse, a Native American people of Washington and Idaho]// AmE a type of horse that is pale in colour, with dark spots//

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Color breed of horse popular in the U.S., said to have descended in the Nez Percé Indian territory of N. America from wild mustangs, which in turn descended from the horses of Spanish explorers. The Appaloosa has several distinctive color patterns and all the regular coat colors of horses. They stand 14-16 hands (about 57-64 in., or 144-163 cm) tall and weigh 1,000-1,100 lbs (450-500 kg). Though light, they are also sturdy.

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n : a hardy breed of saddle horse developed in western North
America and characteristically having a spotted rump

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* Inter: IPA » /ˌæ.pə.ˈlu.sə/

Etymology 1

From the phrase "a Palouse horse", referring to the Palouse River near which they were first encountered by non-Native Americans.2002, Dave Conklin, Montana History Weekends: 52 Adventures in History, page 63: "White settlers first described the colorful native mounts as "a Palouse horse," which was soon slurred to " Appalousey." The river is named for the Category: w - :Palouse|Palouse region; whether the region's name is (an anglicisation of) a francisation of the Inter: etyl » qot name of the Category: w - :Palus people|Palus people or the people's name derives from a Inter: etyl » fr designation of the region as Inter: term » pelouse|lang=fr is unclear.

Alternative forms

* Appaloosa


Inter: en-nou » n
  • Inter: U » S A breed of horse having a spotted rump.

    Etymology 2

    Shortening of "Appaloosa cat" (itself a shortening of "Apaloosa catfish"), after the Appaloosa (Opelousa) tribe which resided in Louisiana. The tribe's name is Inter: etyl » cho, the second element of it being Inter: term » losa||black|lang=cho; the first element is variously supposed to be a term for "head" or "skull",1911, John Reed Swanton, Indian tribes of the lower Mississippi Valley and adjacent coast, page 364: It is said the word appalousa, in the Indian language, means ' black head,' or 'black skull.' "leggings", "moccasins",1905, Bulletin - United States Geological Survey, issue 257, page 232: Opelousas; town in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, named from a tribe of Indians, the name signifying " black head," or " black moccasins." or "body".Inter: R:Etymonlin » e

    Alternative forms

    * Appaloosa


    Inter: en-nou » n

  • Inter: Southern U » S A catfish.
    1. 2005, David Francis, The Great Inland Sea, page 141:
    2. : A big fish wends its way towards the shape the light makes, stops and sucks at air. Mottled brown and black, with a pink, appaloosa mouth.
    3. 2008, Harry Noble, Me and Burnice: A Simpler Time, page 167:
    4. : On a two-day camp out at Red Bluff on the Angelina River in East Texas, we had out twelve trotlines, fishing for mud, appaloosa, blue and channel catfish.

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