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{Vertebrata}, including Mammalia or Mammals, Aves or Birds,
Reptilia, Amphibia, Pisces or Fishes, Marsipobranchiata
(Craniota); and Leptocardia (Acrania). {Tunicata}, including the
{Thaliacea}, and {Ascidioidea} or Ascidians. {Articulata} or
{Annulosa}, including Insecta, Myriapoda, Malacapoda, Arachnida,
Pycnogonida, Merostomata, Crustacea (Arthropoda); and Annelida,
Gehyrea (Anarthropoda).

Ascidioidea \As*cid`i*oid"e*a\, n. pl. [NL., fr. ascidium +
-oid. See {Ascidium}.] (Zo["o]l.)
A group of Tunicata, often shaped like a two-necked bottle.
The group includes, social, and compound species. The gill is
a netlike structure within the oral aperture. The integument
is usually leathery in texture. See Illustration in Appendix.