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Ascomycetes \As`co*my*ce"tes\, n. pl. [NL.; ascus + Gr. ?, ?,
fungus.] (Bot.)
A large class of higher fungi distinguished by septate
hyph[ae], and by having their spores formed in asci, or spore
sacs. It comprises many orders, among which are the yeasts,
molds, mildews, truffles, morels, etc. -- {As`co*my*ce"tous},

Fungi \Fun"gi\, n. pl. (Bot.)
A group of thallophytic plants of low organization, destitute
of chlorophyll, in which reproduction is mainly accomplished
by means of asexual spores, which are produced in a great
variety of ways, though sexual reproduction is known to occur
in certain {Phycomycetes}, or so-called algal fungi.

Note: The Fungi appear to have originated by degeneration
from various alg[ae], losing their chlorophyll on
assuming a parasitic or saprophytic life. By some they
are divided into the subclasses {Phycomycetes}, the
lower or algal fungi; the {Mesomycetes}, or
intermediate fungi; and the {Mycomycetes}, or the
higher fungi; by others into the {Phycomycetes}; the
{Ascomycetes}, or sac-spore fungi; and the
{Basidiomycetes}, or basidial-spore fungi.

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n : large class of higher fungi coextensive with division
Ascomycota: sac fungi [syn: {class Ascomycetes}]

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  • Former name of Ascomycota, division of Fungi.

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