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{Saint Martin's summer}, a season of mild, damp weather
frequently prevailing during late autumn in England and
the Mediterranean countries; -- so called from St.
Martin's Festival, occurring on November 11. It
corresponds to the Indian summer in America. --Shak.

{Saint Patrick's cross}. See Illust. 4, under {Cross}.

{Saint Patrick's Day}, the 17th of March, anniversary of the
death (about 466) of St. Patrick, the apostle and patron
saint of Ireland.

{Saint Peter's fish}. (Zo["o]l.) See {John Dory}, under

{Saint Peter's-wort} (Bot.), a name of several plants, as
{Hypericum Ascyron}, {H. quadrangulum}, {Ascyrum stans},

{Saint Peter's wreath} (Bot.), a shrubby kind of Spir[ae]a
({S. hypericifolia}), having long slender branches covered
with clusters of small white blossoms in spring.

{Saint's bell}. See {Sanctus bell}, under {Sanctus}.

{Saint Vitus's dance} (Med.), chorea; -- so called from the
supposed cures wrought on intercession to this saint.