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82 Moby Thesaurus words for "at issue":
against the grain, against the tide, against the wind, arguable,
at cross-purposes, at daggers, at daggers drawn, at odds,
at variance, at war with, athwart, before the house, conditional,
conditioned, confutable, conjectural, contestable, contingent,
contra, contrariwise, controversial, controvertible, counter,
cross, debatable, deniable, dependent, depending, disputable,
doubtable, doubtful, dubious, dubitable, eyeball-to-eyeball, iffy,
in confrontation, in debate, in dispute, in doubt, in dubio,
in hostile array, in opposition, in question, in suspense,
in the balance, mistakable, moot, on the agenda, on the docket,
on the floor, on the table, open, open for discussion,
open to doubt, open to question, pendent, pending, problematic,
questionable, refutable, speculative, sub judice, suppositional,
suspect, suspenseful, suspicious, uncounted, undecided,
under active consideration, under advisement, under consideration,
under examination, under investigation, under surveillance,
undetermined, unestablished, unfixed, unsettled, untold,
up for grabs, up in arms, with crossed bayonets

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Issue \Is"sue\, n. [OF. issue, eissue, F. issue, fr. OF. issir,
eissir, to go out, L. exire; ex out of, from + ire to go,
akin to Gr. 'ie`nai, Skr. i, Goth. iddja went, used as
prefect of gaggan to go. Cf. {Ambition}, {Count} a nobleman,
{Commence}, {Errant}, {Exit}, {Eyre}, {Initial}, {Yede}
1. The act of passing or flowing out; a moving out from any
inclosed place; egress; as, the issue of water from a
pipe, of blood from a wound, of air from a bellows, of
people from a house.

2. The act of sending out, or causing to go forth; delivery;
issuance; as, the issue of an order from a commanding
officer; the issue of money from a treasury.

3. That which passes, flows, or is sent out; the whole
quantity sent forth or emitted at one time; as, an issue
of bank notes; the daily issue of a newspaper.

4. Progeny; a child or children; offspring. In law,
sometimes, in a general sense, all persons descended from
a common ancestor; all lineal descendants.

If the king Should without issue die. --Shak.

5. Produce of the earth, or profits of land, tenements, or
other property; as, A conveyed to B all his right for a
term of years, with all the issues, rents, and profits.

6. A discharge of flux, as of blood. --Matt. ix. 20.

7. (Med.) An artificial ulcer, usually made in the fleshy
part of the arm or leg, to produce the secretion and
discharge of pus for the relief of some affected part.

8. The final outcome or result; upshot; conclusion; event;
hence, contest; test; trial.

Come forth to view The issue of the exploit. --Shak.

While it is hot, I 'll put it to the issue. --Shak.

9. A point in debate or controversy on which the parties take
affirmative and negative positions; a presentation of
alternatives between which to choose or decide.

10. (Law) In pleading, a single material point of law or fact
depending in the suit, which, being affirmed on the one
side and denied on the other, is presented for
determination. See {General issue}, under {General}, and
{Feigned issue}, under {Feigned}. --Blount. Cowell.

{At issue}, in controversy; disputed; opposing or contesting;
hence, at variance; disagreeing; inconsistent.

As much at issue with the summer day As if you
brought a candle out of doors. --Mrs.

{Bank of issue}, {Collateral issue}, etc. See under {Bank},
{Collateral}, etc.

{Issue pea}, a pea, or a similar round body, used to maintain
irritation in a wound, and promote the secretion and
discharge of pus.

{To join}, or {take}, {issue}, to take opposing sides in a
matter in controversy.

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at issue
adj : now in consideration or under discussion; "regarding the
matter in hand" [syn: {at issue(a)}, {in dispute(p)}, {in
hand(p)}, {in question(p)}, {under consideration(p)}]

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at + issue

Prepositional phrase

Inter: en-PP » at issue
  • In question; under discussion
    1. In disagreement

    Translation: et » at issue
    Translation: kn » at issue

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    at intervals  At it