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French-Canadian novelist and poet. She studied at Laval Univ., Quebec. In two early, dreamlike novels, Mad Shadows (1959) and Tê te blanche (1960), she staked out her territory, working-class people doomed to unrelieved sorrow and grinding poverty. A Season in the Life of Emmanuel (1965) received the Prix Mé dicis and was widely translated and discussed. Later works include The Manuscripts of Pauline Archange (1968, Governor General's Award) and Deaf to the City (1979, Governor General's Award). She has also published poetry collections and several plays.

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* Inter: IPA » bˠlˠaʃ|lang=ga


From Inter: etyl » sga|ga Inter: term » mlas|mlasim|lang=sga.


Inter: ga-verb » pres=blaiseann|fut=blaisfidh|vn=blaiseadh|pp=blasta
  • to taste Inter: gloss » by mouth


    Inter: ga-conj-1a » b|lai|s|slender|pp=blasta


    Inter: head » ga|noun form|g=m

  • Inter: genitive of » blas|lang=ga


    Inter: ga mut cons » b|lais

  • Scottish Gaelic


    Inter: head » gd|verb|verbal noun|blasad|or|blasadh
  • taste Inter: gloss » by mouth


    Inter: head » gd|noun form|g=m

  • Inter: form of » Genitive|blas|lang=gd