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French balloonist. In 1785 he made the first aerial crossing of the English Channel, accompanied by John Jeffries, an Amer. doctor. He invented a parachute in 1785. His balloon flights in other European countries and in the U.S. in 1793 spurred an interest in ballooning. He and his wife performed many exhibitions in Europe; they died in separate balloon accidents.

U.S. inventor. Born in Sutton, Mass., in 1818 he invented a lathe capable of turning irregular shapes, such as a gunstock. It duplicated the form of a pattern object by transmitting to the cutting tool the motion of a friction wheel rolling over the pattern. His invention was an essential step in the development of mass-production techniques. He produced several successful designs of shallow-draft steamboats, and in 1849 invented machinery for bending wood into complex shapes such as plow handles and ship's frames.

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