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Eva (1910-45) a German Nazi who married Adolf Hitler in 1945 and then killed herself at the same time as he did//

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German mistress of A. Hitler. A saleswoman in the shop of Hitler's photographer, she became his mistress in the 1930s, living first in a house he provided in Munich, then at his chalet in Berchtesgaden. He never allowed her to be seen in public with him, and she had no influence on his political life. In April 1945 she joined him in Berlin, against his orders. In recognition of her loyalty, he married her in a civil ceremony in the Chancellery bunker on April 29. The next day Eva Hitler ended her life at 33 by taking poison; her husband either poisoned or shot himself at her side. Their bodies were burned.

German-U.S. rocket engineer. Born into an aristocratic family, he received his doctorate from the Univ. of Berlin. In 1936 he became technical director of the new military development facility at Peenemü nde, an essential center for the rearmament of Nazi Germany, forbidden by the Versailles accords. Liquid-fueled rocket aircraft and jet-assisted takeoffs were successfully demonstrated there, and the V-2 long-range ballistic missile and the Wasserfall supersonic antiaircraft missile were developed. By 1944 the sophistication of the rockets and missiles being tested at Peenemü nde was many years ahead of that of any other country. After World War II he and his team surrendered to the U.S.; they were immediately set to work on guided missiles by the U.S. Army, and in 1952 he became technical director (later chief) of the Army's ballistic-weapon program. Under his leadership, the Redstone, Jupiter-C, Juno, and Pershing missiles were developed. In 1958 he and his group launched the first U.S. satellite, Explorer 1. After NASA was formed, von Braun led the development of some of the large Saturn space launch vehicles; the engineering success of each of the Saturn class of space boosters remains unmatched in rocket history.

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n 1: the German mistress of Adolf Hitler (1910-1945) [syn: {Eva
2: United States rocket engineer (born in Germany where he
designed a missile used against England); he led the
United States Army team that put the first American
satellite into space (1912-1977) [syn: {von Braun}, {Wernher
von Braun}, {Wernher Magnus Maximilian von Braun}]

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From Inter: etyl » goh|de Inter: term » brun|brūn|lang=goh.


* Inter: IPA » bʁaun|lang=de
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    Inter: de-adj » brauner|braunsten

  • brown

    Related terms

    * Braunbär
    • Braunbleierz
    • Brauneisenstein
    • Braunerz
    • Braunhemd
    • Braunkalk
    • Braunkohl
    • Braunkohle
    • braunrot
    • Brauntran


      Inter: de-decl-adj » braun|brauner|braunst

    Category: Category:de:Colors -

    Tok Pisin


    From Inter: etyl » en|tpi Inter: term » brown|lang=en.


    Inter: head » tpi|adjective
  • brown

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    Inter: also » braun


    Category: Image - :Solid brown.svg|thumb|the color brown
    Category: Image - :Verteilung Nachname Braun DE.png|thumb|surname Braun in Germany


    * Inter: IPA » /braʊ̯n/|lang=de
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      Inter: de-noun » n||-

  • brown (color)

    Proper noun

    Inter: head » de|proper noun

  • Inter: surname » common|from=nicknames|lang=de Cognate with English Brown.

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