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James (1791-1868) the 15th President of the US (1857-61)//

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Scottish humanist, scholar, and educator. As a teacher of Latin in Paris, Buchanan wrote bitter attacks on the Franciscans that landed him in jail for heresy. He escaped and became a teacher in Bordeaux, where M. de Montaigne was one of his pupils. There he translated two of Euripides' plays into Latin and wrote original dramas. His paraphrase of the Psalms was long used for Latin instruction. At first a supporter of Mary, Queen of Scots, he later helped prepare the case that led to her execution. In De jure regni apud Scotos (1579), he argued for limited monarchy; Rerum Scotiacarum historia (1582) traces Scotland's history.

15th president of the U.S. (1857-61). Born in Mercersburg, Pa., he became a lawyer and member of the Pennsylvania legislature before serving in the U.S. House of Representatives (1821-31), as minister to Russia (1832-34), and in the U.S. Senate (1834-45). He was secretary of state in Pres. J. K. Polk's cabinet (1845-49). As minister to Britain (1853-56), he helped draft the Ostend Manifesto. In 1856 he secured the Democratic nomination and election as U.S. president, defeating J. C. Fré mont. Though experienced in government and law, he lacked the moral courage to deal effectively with the slavery crisis and equivocated on the question of Kansas's status as a slaveholding state. The ensuing split within his party allowed A. Lincoln to win the election of 1860. He denounced the secession of S. Carolina following the election and sent reinforcements to Ft. Sumter, but failed to respond further to the mounting crisis.

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n : 15th President of the United States (1791-1868) [syn: {James
Buchanan}, {President Buchanan}]

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