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U.S. diplomat. Born in Detroit, he earned graduate degrees at Harvard Univ. and taught at Howard Univ. from 1928. After studying colonial policy in Africa, he collaborated with G. Myrdal in the study of U.S. race relations An American Dilemma (1944). He worked in the U.S. war and state departments during World War II. In 1947 he became director of the trusteeship department of the U.N. Secretariat. His work in forging a truce between Palestinian Arabs and Jews earned him the 1950 Nobel Peace Prize. As U.N. undersecretary for political affairs, he oversaw U.N. peacekeeping forces around the Suez Canal (1956), in the Congo (1960), and in Cyprus (1964). He also served on the board of the NAACP for 22 years.

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n : United States diplomat and United Nations official
(1904-1971) [syn: {Ralph Bunche}, {Ralph Johnson Bunche}]