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Ger. federal council, 1879, from Ger., from gen. of Bund "league, confederacy, association" (related to Eng. band and bind) + tag, lit. "day;" as a verb, tagen, meaning "to sit in conference" (c.f. adjourn). ///

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Lower house of the German bicameral legislature. It represents the nation as a whole and is elected by universal suffrage under a system of mixed direct and proportional representation. Members serve four-year terms. The Bundestag in turn elects the chancellor. The term was formerly used to refer to the federal Diet of the German Confederation (1815-66), known as the Reichstag under the Weimar Republic (1919-34). Its building burned down in 1933 (see Reichstag fire), and its members were not allowed to meet again for the duration of the Nazi regime (1933-45). The Reichstag was reconstituted as the Bundestag in the governmental reorganization of 1949. Its membership was again reorganized after German unification in 1990.

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    Proper noun

    Bundestag m
  • the German federal parliament

    Related terms

  • MdB
  • Bund
  • Tag

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