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Part of the W Pacific Ocean. It is bordered by the Sulu Archipelago, Mindanao, the Sangihe Islands, Sulawesi, and Borneo. It extends 420 mi (675 km) north-south and 520 mi (837 km) east-west, occupying about 110,000 sq mi (280,000 sq km). It is connected with the Java Sea by the Makassar Strait. Over half of it is more than 13,000 ft (4,000 m) deep, and its maximum depth is 20,406 ft (6,220 m). Traders and pirates from Borneo and nearby islands ruled the sea until it came under colonial control in the late 19th cent.

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  • the area of the western Pacific Ocean bounded by the Sulu Sea, the island of Borneo, the Sangihe Islands and Sulawesi.

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