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Island of the central Moluccas, Indonesia. It has an area of 6,621 sq mi (17,148 sq km). The terrain is mountainous and covered with tropical forests; seismic activity is common. Portuguese missionaries arriving in the 15th cent. found Hindu and Islamic influences present; it came under nominal Dutch control c.1650. During World War II the Japanese occupied it; after the war it became part of Indonesia.

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Inter: la-noun-form » cēram
  • Inter: inflection of » cera|cēra|acc|s|lang=la

  • Latvian


    Inter: head » lv|verb form
  • Inter: lv-inflection of » cerēt|1st|p|prs|ind|v


    Inter: lv-part » |-

  • hoping; Inter: lv-participle of » cerēt|prs|act|adv|obj

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