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ar Predictive Coding, Local Procedure CallLa

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U.S. publisher and editor. With Donald S. Klopfer, in 1925 Cerf acquired the Modern Library imprint, which subsequently became a highly profitable series of reprints of classic books. In 1927 they began publishing books other than Modern Library titles as Random House, of which he served as president 1927-65 and chairman 1965-70. He became known as an opponent of censorship and as the publisher of many eminent authors. An inveterate punster and raconteur, he edited anthologies of humor, short stories, and plays, wrote syndicated newspaper columns, and appeared on the popular television show "What's My Line?" (1952-68).

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yaburteilend [apurtai

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From Inter: etyl » la|fr Inter: term » cervus|lang=la.


*Inter: IPA » sɛʁ|lang=fr
  • Inter: audio » Fr-cerf.ogg|audio


    Inter: fr-noun » m

  • A stag, a hart.

    Derived terms

    * cerf rouge

  • Category: Category:fr:Mammals -



    Inter: head » lld|noun
  • deer

  • Old French


    From Inter: etyl » la|fro Inter: term » cervus|lang=la.


    Inter: fro-noun » m|cers|cers
  • deer Inter: gloss » animal


    * French: Inter: l » fr|cerf

  • Category: Category:fro:Animals -
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