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River, China. Rising in the E Kunlun Shan in W China, it flows southeast, continuing east across Yunnan and then across the rest of China to the E. China Sea near Shanghai. It is known as the Jinsha in its upper course. At 3,434 mi (5,525 km) long, it is the world's third-longest river. Navigable for 585 mi (941 km), it becomes harder to navigate above Yichang because of the gorges that occur between Chongqing, at 650 ft (198 m), and Yichang, at 131 ft (40 m). Its chief tributaries are the Yalong, Min, Jialing, Han, and Wu rivers. Several large cities, incl. Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chongqing, lie in the river's basin, which is known as the granary of China. The controversial Three Gorges Dam, first discussed in the 1920s, and promoted in the 1950s by Mao Zedong, was inaugurated in 1994. Located west of Yichang, it will enable freighters to navigate 1,400 mi (2,250 km) inland from the E. China Sea to Chongqing.