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n [U] a chemical used to kill insects that harm crops//

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Dynamic Debugging Tool

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DicholoroDiphenylTricholoroethane, Dynamic Debugging Technique

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Dynamic Debugging Tool (DEC) From VERA

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Synthetic insecticide belonging to the family of organic halogens. In 1939 its toxicity in a wide variety of insects was discovered (by Paul Hermann Mü ller, who was awarded a Nobel Prize for his work) and effectively used against many disease vectors. By the 1960s, many species of insects had developed populations resistant to DDT; meanwhile, this highly stable compound was accummulating along the food chain and having toxic effects on various birds and fishes. During the 1960s it and similar chemicals were found to have severely reduced the populations of certain birds, incl. the bald eagle; its use is now tightly controlled in the U.S.

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25 Moby Thesaurus words for "DDT":
DDD, Paris green, antimony, arsenic, arsenic trioxide, beryllium,
bichloride of mercury, cadmium, carbolic acid, carbon monoxide,
carbon tetrachloride, chlorine, cyanide, hydrocyanic acid,
hyoscyamine, lead, mercuric chloride, mercury, mustard gas,
nicotine, phenol, poison gas, prussic acid, selenium, strychnine

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[U] a colourless chemical used, especially in the past, for killing insects that harm crops

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3. (напълнявам) fill out, plump out, put on weight/fleshзакръстя се
вж. кръстя сеbegin to croak etc. вж. крякамbegin to shriek, вж. кряскамbuy uppurchaser, buyerзакупям, закупя buy a stock of
(изкупувам) buy up
ЗАКУПУВАМ всичката стока на пазара comer the market
ЗАКУПУВАМ стока, за да предотвратя спадането на цените hold the marketpurchaser, buyersnack/refreshment bar; gril (-room), lunch room, quick lunch room; eating-house, lunch shop(сутрин) breakfast; have/eat o.'s breakfast, take breakfast
(в друго време) have a snack
ЗАКУСВАМ с хляб и масло breakfast on bread and butter; have bread and butter for breakfast
ЗАКУСВАМ на крак have a snack(сутрин) breakfast
(към пет часа) tea
(в друго време) snack; light meal
(малко ядене) snack
закуски (на прием, или за продажба) refreshments
студени закуски cold dish, cold cuts
закуски на скара grillrefreshmentsвж. закусвалняbegin to limp, start limpingзакуча се
get stuck, jib
тех. jam
вратата се ЗАКУЧВА the door sticks, that's an awkward door to open
работите се закучиха things have come to a standstill; things are in a messтех. jammingbegin to simmer, start simmeringвж. заклевамresound, ring out, echoreared
ЗАКЪРМЕН с идеите на социализма reared/brought up/cradled in the ideas of socialism1.(дете) give the breast (to), begin breast-feeding
2. прен. (възпитавам) rear, bring up, educate
ЗАКЪРМЯМ в духа на rear/educate/cradle in the spirit ofbe/become stunted; remain undeveloped/rudimentarystunted, undeveloped, rudimentary
биол. obsolete
(за дърво и пр.) dwarfedзакърпя 1. mend
(дреха) patch up. piece
(замрежвам) darn
(обувки) mend, cobble
(дупка в стената) plaster up
2. прен. patch up
ЗАКЪРПВАМ здравето си get/set up again, patch up o.'s health
3. прен. (измъквам пари) touch (s.o.)
ЗАКЪРПВАМ някого с десет лева touch s.o. for ten levs
закърпихме я някак

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n : an insecticide that is also toxic to animals and humans;
banned in the United States since 1972 [syn: {dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane}]

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Inter: en-noun » -|s
  • Inter: uncountabl » e Inter: abbreviation of » dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane|nodot=1]; an insecticide.
    1. Inter: countable » professional wrestling a move where a wrestler puts another wrestler into a standing front face lock and then falls backwards, driving the recipient's head into the floor.


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