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Group of poets of the end of the 19th cent., incl. some French Symbolists (see Symbolist movement), notably S. Mallarmé and P. Verlaine, and the later generation of England's Aesthetic movement (see Aestheticism), notably A. Symons and O. Wilde. Many nonpoets, incl. the novelist J.-K. Huysmans and the artist A. Beardsley, are also often associated with the Decadents. The Decadents emphasized art for art's sake, seeing it as autonomous and opposed to nature and to the materialistic preoccupations of industrialized society, and therefore stressed the bizarre, incongruous, and artificial in both their work and their lives.

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  • Inter: plural of » decadent

  • Translation: mg » decadents

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    Inter: fr-adj-for » m Inter: m » p
  • Inter: form of » masculine plural|décadent|lang=fr

  • Translation: fr » décadents
    Translation: mg » décadents