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U.S. naval officer. Born in Sinepuxent, Md., he entered the navy in 1798. In the Tripolitan War he led a daring 1804 expedition into the harbor of Tripoli to burn a captured U.S. ship. In the War of 1812 he commanded the USS United States and captured the British ship Macedonian. In 1815 he commanded a squadron in the Mediterranean that forced a peace with the Barbary states on U.S. terms. At a banquet on his return he gave a toast that included the words "Our country, right or wrong." In 1815 he was made a navy commissioner, an office he held until killed in a duel.

City (pop., 1996 est.: 81,000), central Illinois. Situated on the Sangamon River east of Springfield, it was founded in 1829. In 1860 it was the site of A. Lincoln's first endorsement by a party convention for the presidential nomination. It is a commercial center for the surrounding agricultural region. Industries include the processing of corn and soybeans and the manufacture of tractors and other vehicles.

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n 1: United States naval officer remembered for his heroid deeds
(1779-1820) [syn: {Stephen Decatur}]
2: a city in central Illinois; Abraham Lincoln practiced law
3: a town in northern Alabama on the Tennessee River

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  • A city in Georgia, United States
    1. A city in Alabama, United States
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