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the Erie Canal// a canal (=artificial river) in the US state of New York which connects Lake Erie and the Hudson River. Built in the early 19th century, the canal allowed trade between New York City and the states of the Midwest.//

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Historic waterway, N U.S. It stretches from Buffalo, N.Y., on Lake Erie to Albany, N.Y., on the Hudson River. Commissioned by Gov. D. Clinton of New York, it opened in 1825. It connected the Great Lakes with New York City and contributed greatly to the settlement of the Midwest, allowing for the transport of people and supplies. Enlarged several times, the canal is 340 mi (547 km) long, 150 ft (46 m) wide, and 12 ft (4 m) deep. Now used mainly for pleasure boating, it is part of the New York State Canal System.

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Erie Canal
n : an artificial waterway connecting the Hudson river at Albany
with Lake Erie at Buffalo; built in the 19th century; now
part of the New York State Barge Canal

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  • The 363 mile-long canal from Lake Erie to the Hudson River.
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