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god of love, c.1386, from Gk., lit. "love," related to eran "to love," erasthai "to love, desire," of unknown origin. Freudian sense of "urge to self-preservation and sexual pleasure" is from 1922. Ancient Gk. distinguished four different kinds of love: eros "sexual love;" phileo "have affection for;" agapao "have regard for, be contented with;" and stergo, used especially of the love of parents and children or a ruler and his subjects. ///

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Eros (é-)npr Eros eros-see eroder

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1 in Greek mythology, the god of sexual and romantic love. He is usually shown in pictures as a beautiful boy with wings, holding a bow and arrow. In Roman mythology his name is Cupid.:
2 a statue of Eros at Piccadilly Circus in central London:
3 [U] sexual love:

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Earth Resources Observation Systems

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forceful, mighty, mighty limb, nippy, vehement

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Greek god of love. Though Hesiod declared him one of the primeval gods born of Chaos, he was later said to be the son of Aphrodite. His Roman counterpart was Cupid. Eros was depicted as a beautiful winged youth carrying a bow and a quiver of arrows. In later literature and art he became increasingly younger, ending as an infant. His cult center was at Thespiae, but he also shared a sanctuary with Aphrodite at Athens.

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126 Moby Thesaurus words for "Eros":
Agdistis, Amor, Aphrodite, Apollo, Apollon, Ares, Artemis, Astarte,
Ate, Athena, Bacchus, Ceres, Christian love, Cora, Cronus, Cupid,
Cybele, Demeter, Despoina, Diana, Dionysus, Dis, Freya, Gaea, Gaia,
Ge, Great Mother, Hades, Helios, Hephaestus, Hera, Here, Hermes,
Hestia, Hymen, Hyperion, Jove, Juno, Jupiter, Jupiter Fidius,
Jupiter Fulgur, Jupiter Optimus Maximus, Jupiter Pluvius,
Jupiter Tonans, Kama, Kore, Kronos, Love, Magna Mater, Mars,
Mercury, Minerva, Mithras, Momus, Neptune, Nike, Olympians,
Olympic gods, Ops, Orcus, Persephassa, Persephone, Phoebus,
Phoebus Apollo, Platonic love, Pluto, Poseidon, Proserpina,
Proserpine, Rhea, Saturn, Tellus, Venus, Vesta, Vulcan, Zeus,
admiration, adoration, affection, agape, ardency, ardor,
attachment, bodily love, brotherly love, caritas, charity,
conjugal love, desire, devotion, faithful love, fancy, fervor,
flame, fondness, free love, free-lovism, heart, hero worship,
idolatry, idolism, idolization, lasciviousness, libido, like,
liking, love, lovemaking, married love, passion, physical love,
popular regard, popularity, regard, sentiment, sex, sexual love,
shine, spiritual love, tender feeling, tender passion, truelove,
uxoriousness, weakness, worship, yearning

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[N] (Love): love, fondness, liking, inclination, desire, regard, admiration, fancy, affection, sympathy, tenderness, attachment, yearning, eros, passion, flame, devotion, fervor, enthusiasm, rapture, enchantment, infatuation, adoration.

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Eros \E"ros\, n. [L., fr. Gr. ? love, ? (personified) Eros, fr.
? to love.] (Greek Myth.)
Love; the god of love; -- by earlier writers represented as
one of the first and creative gods, by later writers as the
son of Aphrodite, equivalent to the Latin god Cupid.

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n : (Greek mythology) god of love; son of Aphrodite; identified
with Roman Cupid

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Inter: also » éros|Eros|EROS



Inter: etyl » grc Inter: term » ἔρως|sc=polytonic|tr=erōs||love, desire.


Inter: en-noun » -|erotes
  • A winged figure of a child representing love and/or its power
    1. Physical love; sexual desire
    2. a type of love that seeks fulfillment without violation or something else
    3. Inter: psychiatr » y libido
    4. Inter: psychiatr » y collective instincts for self-preservation; life drive


      * Inter: sense » life drive Inter: w » death drive, Thanatos


      * ores, orse, roes, Rose, rose, rosé, sore



    From Inter: etyl » grc|es Inter: term » ἔρως|sc=polytonic|tr=erōs||love, desire.


    * Inter: IPA » /ˈe.ɾos/|lang=es, Inter: X-SAMPA » /"e.4os/|lang=es


    Inter: es-noun » m|-
  • eros; sexual desire
    1. Inter: context » psychiatry|lang=es libido


      * Inter: sense » libido Inter: l » es|libido|g=f

      Related terms

      * Inter: l » es|erótico

  • Inter: l » es|erógeno

  • Translation: fr » eros
    Translation: ku » eros
    Translation: ru » eros
    Translation: sl » eros
    Translation: ta » eros
    Translation: tr » eros
    Translation: vi » eros

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    Inter: also » eros|EROS


    Inter: wikipedi » a


    From Inter: etyl » grc|en Inter: term » Ἔρως|tr=Erōs|lang=grc.

    Proper noun

    Inter: en-proper nou » n
  • Inter: Greek go » d The god of love and sexual desire; son of either Erebus and Nyx or Aphrodite and Ares.

    Derived terms

    * erotic


    Inter: trans-top » God of love
    • Arabic: Inter: t- » ar|إيروس|m|tr='iiruus
    • Armenian: Inter: t- » hy|Էրոս|tr=Ēros
    • Belarusian: Inter: t- » be|Эрас|m|tr=Éras|sc=Cyrl
    • Bulgarian: Inter: t- » bg|Ерос|m|tr=Éros|sc=Cyrl
    • Chinese:
    • : Mandarin: Inter: t » cmn|厄洛斯|tr=Èluòsī|sc=Hani
    • Dutch: Inter: t- » nl|Eros|m
    • Esperanto: Inter: t- » eo|Eroso
    • French: Inter: t+ » fr|Éros|m
    • Georgian: Inter: t- » ka|ეროსი|tr=erosi|sc=Geor
    • German: Inter: t+ » de|Eros|m
    • Greek: Inter: t+ » el|Έρως|m|tr=Éros, Inter: t+ » el|Έρωτας|m|tr=Érotas|sc=Grek
    • Hindi: Inter: t- » hi|ईरोस|m|tr=īros|sc=Deva
    • Hungarian: Inter: t- » hu|Erósz
    • Irish: Inter: t- » ga|Earós|m

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Italian: Inter: t+ » it|Eros|m
  • Japanese: Inter: t- » ja|エロース|tr=Erōsu
  • Korean: Inter: t- » ko|에로스|tr=Eroseu|sc=Kore
  • Latvian: Inter: t- » lv|Erots|m
  • Lithuanian: Inter: t- » lt|Erotas|m
  • Persian: Inter: t+ » fa|اروس|tr=Erus
  • Polish: Inter: t+ » pl|Eros|m
  • Portuguese: Inter: t- » pt|Eros|m
  • Russian: Inter: t- » ru|Эрос|m|tr=Éros
  • Serbo-Croatian:
  • : Cyrillic: Inter: t- » sh|Ерос|m
  • : Roman: Inter: t- » sh|Eros|m
  • Spanish: Inter: t- » es|Eros|m
  • Swahili: Inter: t- » sw|Erosi
  • Ukrainian: Inter: t- » uk|Ерос|m|tr=Éros

  • Inter: trans-botto » m

    See also

    * Cupid


    * ores, orse, roes, Rose, rose, rosé, sore
    Category: Category:en:Love -


    Proper noun

    Inter: pt-proper noun » m
  • Inter: Greek god » lang=pt Inter: l » en|Eros

    Related terms

    * Cupido

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    Translation: zh » Eros

    EROS at English (WD) Of Explained:

    Inter: also » eros|Eros


    Inter: initialis » m

  • Category: w - :Earth Resources Observation Satellite|Earth Resources Observation Satellite.


    * ores, orse, roes, Rose, rose, rosé, sore
  • Éros at English (WD) Of Explained:

    Inter: also » éros|eros|Eros


    Proper noun

    Inter: fr-proper noun » m|sort=eros
  • Inter: Greek god » lang=fr Eros

    Derived terms

    * érotique
    • érotiser


      * ores
    • oser
    • rose, Rose

    Translation: el » Éros
    Translation: fr » Éros

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    Inter: hu-suffix » erő|s|pos=adj


    * Inter: IPA » /ˈɛrøːʃ/|lang=hu
  • Inter: hyphenation » e|rős


    Inter: hu-adj » ebb

  • strong


    * gyenge

    Derived terms

    * erősít
    • erősség

    Translation: de » erős
    Translation: eu » erős
    Translation: fr » erős
    Translation: hr » erős
    Translation: io » erős
    Translation: it » erős
    Translation: ku » erős
    Translation: lt » erős
    Translation: hu » erős
    Translation: mg » erős
    Translation: fj » erős
    Translation: oc » erős

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    Inter: also » Éros|eros|Eros



    Inter: fr-noun-unc » m
  • eros (physical love)

  • Translation: fr » éros
    Translation: vi » éros