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Russian-French fashion illustrator and designer. In 1912 he left his native St. Petersburg for Paris, where he worked briefly with the couturier P. Poiret. From 1916 to 1937 he published elegant, highly stylized illustrations depicting models in mannered poses against Art Deco interiors in Harper's Bazaar. He also designed theatrical scenery and costumes for the Folies-Bergè re in Paris (1919-30), and in the 1920s he costumed performers in U.S. musicals, most notably the Ziegfeld Follies. His designs continue to be widely reproduced.

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==Crimean Tatar==


  • early.


    * Inter: R:Useinov-Mireev 200 » 2

  • Category: Category:Crimean Tatar adjectives -



    erte {{f}}
  • Feminine plural form of erta


    erte {{f}}

  • Inter: plural of » erta|lang=it


    * rete

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