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French chef known for his innovations in haute cuisine. He earned a worldwide reputation as director of the kitchens at the Grand Hotel at Monte Carlo and at Cé sar Ritz's Savoy (1890-99) and Carlton (1899-1922) hotels in London. He helped reform grande cuisine by simplifying and refining it and making its preparation more efficient. He wrote Guide culinaire (1903), Ma cuisine (1934), and other classic works. He is often called the greatest chef of all time.

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Alternative forms

* Inter: l » fr|escofier Inter: qualifier » Ardennais


Inter: fr-ver » b
  • Inter: archaic » lang=fr to kill


    Inter: fr-conj-er » escoffi|avoir

  • Translation: fr » escoffier
    Translation: ko » escoffier
    Translation: vi » escoffier