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also Ethelred the Unready (968?-1016) an English king who lost his kingdom to the Danes//

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King of the English (978-1013, 1014-16). He became king after his half brother's assassination, and was suspected of involvement in the murder. An ineffectual ruler, he failed to mount an organized defense against the Danish invasions (from 980); his massacre of Danish settlers (1002) provoked further attacks. When Sweyn I was accepted as king in England in 1013, Ethelred fled to Normandy. He returned to the throne on the death of Sweyn in 1014, but on his death he was succeeded by the Dane Canute the Great. His epithet "Unraed" means "evil counsel," and has been translated incorrectly as "the Unready."

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Ethelred II
n : king of the English who succeeded to the throne after his
half-brother Edward the Martyr was murdered; he struggled
unsuccessfully against the invading Danes (969-1016)
[syn: {Ethelred}, {Ethelred the Unready}]