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(pl) euripi

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[N] (Body of water): lake, pond, river, gulf, bay, inlet, estuary, arm of the sea, fiord, firth, lagoon, cove, creek, strait, narrows, Euripus, sound, loch.

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Euripus \Eu*ri"pus\, n. [L., fr. Gr. ?; ? well + ? a rushing
A strait; a narrow tract of water, where the tide, or a
current, flows and reflows with violence, as the ancient
fright of this name between Eub[ae]a and B[ae]otia. Hence, a
flux and reflux. --Burke.

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Inter: also » Euripus



Inter: la-noun » eurīpus|euripi|eurīpī|m|second
  • narrow channel, strait
    1. canal, conduit, aqueduct


      Inter: la-decl-2nd » eurip|eurīp

    Translation: zh » euripus