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loveable/l[hA356]v[hA353]b[hA368]l/ adj friendly and attractive// --a sweet lovable child//

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53 Moby Thesaurus words for "lovable":
acceptable, admirable, adorable, affectionate, agreeable, alluring,
angelic, appealing, appetizing, attractive, bewitching,
captivating, caressable, charming, cherished, cuddlesome, cuddly,
cute, darling, dear, desirable, enchanting, endearing, engaging,
enthralling, entrancing, enviable, exciting, fetching, genial,
kissable, likable, likeable, loveable, lovely, lovesome,
mouth-watering, pleasing, provocative, ravishing, seductive,
seraphic, sweet, taking, tantalizing, tempting, tender,
to be desired, toothsome, unobjectionable, winning, winsome,
worth having

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(also loveable) adjective
having qualities that people find attractive and easy to love, often in spite of any faults:
a lovable child * a lovable rogue

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Lovable \Lov"a*ble\, a.
Having qualities that excite, or are fitted to excite, love;
worthy of love.

Elaine the fair, Elaine the lovable, Elaine, the lily
maid of Astolat. --Tennyson.

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adj : having characteristics that attract love or affection; "a
mischievous but lovable child" [syn: {loveable}] [ant:

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Inter: suffix » love|able

Alternative forms

* loveable


Inter: en-ad » j
  • Inspiring love or affection.


    Inter: trans-top » inspiring love
    • Catalan: Inter: t+ » ca|amable
    • Chinese:
    • : Mandarin: Inter: t » cmn|可愛|sc=Hani, Inter: t » cmn|可爱|tr=kě'ài|sc=Hani

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Finnish: Inter: t+ » fi|rakastettava, Inter: t- » fi|herttainen
  • French: Inter: t+ » fr|aimable, Inter: t+ » fr|adorable
  • Spanish: Inter: t+ » es|amable

  • Inter: trans-botto » m
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