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Alternative forms

* a good deal


Inter: en-adv » head=a great deal|-
  • Inter: idiomati » c Very much; to a great extent; a lot; lots.
    1. : We had a great deal more money afterwards.
    2. : They had a great deal less than we had.
    3. 1904, Category: w - :John Henry Haaren|John Henry Haaren, Category: s - :Famous Men of the Middle Ages/Gutenberg|Famous Men of the Middle Ages: Gutenberg,
    4. : While Gutenberg was growing up a new way of making books came into use, which was a great deal better than copying by hand.


      Inter: en-noun » head=a great deal|this singular form only

  • Inter: idiomati » c A large amount; a lot.
  • 1865, Category: w - :Lewis Carroll|Lewis Carroll, Category: w - :Alices Adventures in Wonderland|Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Category: s - :Alices Adventures in Wonderland/Chapter 11|Chapter 11: Who Stole the Tarts?,
  • : “Consider your verdict,” the King said to the jury.
  • : “Not yet, not yet!” the Rabbit hastily interrupted. “There’s a great deal to come before that!”
  • Inter: quote-journal » year=1994|date=April 23|volume=145|issue=17|page=266|title=Of craters and crevices|author=Christensen, Damaris|journal=Science News|passage=Landh's work only points to the fact that there are a great deal of membrane structures that are not well understood
  • Inter: quote-news » year=2010|date=January 13|work=PBS_NewsHour|passage=So, theres {{sic a great deal of frustration and anger, really, that people want to know whats happening.}}

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