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ion of

abide at English irregular forms Of Explained:

=a, đ

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)pl. of {hectocotylus}(pl) hectocotyli(pl) hadarim(pl) heirs-at-lawpl. of {heir-at-law}=> {hold}(pl) heldentenorepl. of {heldentenor}pl. of {helix}pl. of {heliozoan}(pl) heliozoa(pl) helicespl. of {hematolysis}(pl) hematolyses(pl) hematomatapl. of {hematoma}pl. of {hematozoon}(pl) hematozoapl. of {hemelytron}(pl) hemelytrapl. of {hemielytron}(pl) hemielytrapl. of {hemodialysis}(pl) hemodialysespl. of {hemolysis}(pl) hemolyses

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pointed stones (pl.);ADV without labor, effortlessly; without dust (literally);N N wolfbane, aconite (gnus Aconitum) (poisonous plant); aconite as a poison;N (2nd) N wolfbane, aconite (gnus Aconitum) (poisonous plant); aconite as a poison;N M meteor resembling a dart in flight; quick-darting snake (L+S);

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s; silence

Harran, see Charran

Harsha, workmanship; a wood

Harum, high; throwing down

Harumaph, destruction

Haruphite, slender; sharp

Haruz, careful

Hasadiah, the mercy of the Lord

Hashabiah, the estimation of the Lord

Hashabnah, Hashabniah, the silence of the Lord

Hashem, named; a putting to

Hashub, esteemed; numbered

Hashubah, estimation; thought

Hashum, silence; their hasting

Hashupha, spent; made base

Hasrah, wanting

Hatach, he that strikes

Hathath, fear

Hatita, a bending of sin

Hattil, howling for sin

Hattipha, robbery

Hattush, forsaking sin

Hauran, a hole; liberty; whiteness

Havilah, that suffers pain; that brings forth

Havoth-jair, the villages that enlighten

Hazael, that sees God

Hazaiah, seeing the Lord

Hazar-addar, an imprisoned generation

Hazar-hatticon, middle village; preparation

Hazar-shual, a wolf's house

Hazar-susah, or susim, the hay-paunch of a horse

Hazarenan, imprisoned cloud

Hazargaddah, imprisoned band

Hazarmaveth, dwelling of death

Hazelelponi, sorrow of countenance

Hazeroth, villages; palaces

Hazezon-tamar, drawing near to bitterness

Hazo, seeing; prophesying

Hazor, court; hay

Heber, one that passes; anger

Hebrews, descendants of Heber

Hebron, society; friendship

Hegai, or Hege, meditation; word; groaning; separation

Helam, their army; their trouble

Helbah, Helbon, milk, fatness

Heldai, Heleb, Heled, the world; rustiness

Helek, part; portion

Helem, dreaming; healing

Heleph, changing; passing over

Helez, armed; set free

Heli, ascending; climbing up

Helkai, same as Helek

Helkath-hazzurim, the field of strong men, or of rocks

Helon, window; grief

Heman, their trouble; tumult; much; in great number

Hen, grace; quiet; rest

Hena, troubling

Henadad, grace of the beloved

Henoch, same as Enoch

Hepher, a digger

Hephzibah, my delight is in her

Heres, the son; an earthen pot

Heresh, a carpenter

Hermas, Hermes, Mercury; gain; re

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subscribe, s

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is called upon to protect and establish. Blake's Ch.
Pl. 50; see Harr. Ch. Pr. 151.
40. - 3. Bill to marshal assets. A bill to marshal assets is one filed
in favor of simple contract creditors, and of legatees, devisees, and heirs,
but not in favor of next of kin, to prevent specialty. creditors from
exhausting the personal estate. See Marshaling of Assets.
41. - 4. Bill to marshal securities. A bill to marshal securities is one
which is filed against a party who has two funds by which his debt is
secured, by a person having an interest in only one of those funds. As if A
has two mortgages and B has but one, B has a right to throw A upon the
security which B cannot touch. 2 Atk. 446; see 8 Ves. 388, 395. This last
case contains a luminous exposition in all its bearings. In Pennsylvania,
and perhaps in some other states, the object of this bill is reached by
subrogation, (q. v.) that is, by substituting the creditor, having but one
fund to resort to, to the rights of the other creditor, in respect to the
other fund.
42. - 5. Bill for a new trial. This is a bill filed in a court of equity
praying for an injunction after judgment at law, when there is any fact,
which renders it against conscience to execute such judgment, and of which
the injured party could not avail himself in a court of law-, or, if he
could, was prevented by fraud or accident, unmixed with any fault or
negligence of himself or his agents. Mitf. Pl. by Jer. 131; 2 Story Eq. Sec.
887. Of late years bills of this description are not countenanced. Id.201
John. Ch. R. 432 6 John. Ch. R. 479.
43. - 6. Bill of peace. A bill of peace is one which is filed when a
person has a right which may be controverted by various persons, at

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the {PROTON}. In January 1982 Acorn
launched the {BBC Microcomputer} System. At one time, 70% of
microcomputers bought for UK schools were BBC Micros.

The Acorn Computer Group went public on the Unlisted
Securities Market in September 1983. In April 1984 Acorn won
the Queen's Award for Technology for the BBC Micro and in
September 1985 {Olivetti} took a controlling interest in
Acorn. The {Master} 128 Series computers were launched in
January 1986 and the BBC {Domesday} System in November 1986.

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From Inter: etyl » enm Inter: term » abiden|lang=enm, from Inter: etyl » ang Inter: term » abidan|ābīdan|to abide, wait, remain, delay, remain behind; survive; wait for, await; expect|lang=ang, from Inter: etyl » gem-pro Inter: recons » uzbīdanan||to expect, tolerate|lang=gem-pro, equivalent to Inter: prefix » a|bide|lang=en. Cognate with Inter: etyl » sco|- Inter: term » abyde||to abide, remain|lang=sco, Inter: etyl » gmh|- Inter: term » erbiten|erbīten|to await, expect|lang=gmh, Inter: etyl » got|- {{term|