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in two twos

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of marble (statues - the rest in wood L+S);ADJ having extremities of marble (statues - the rest in wood L+S);

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moon; whiteness; frankincense

Lachish, who walks, or exists, of himself

Lael, to God; to the mighty

Lahad, praising; to confess

Lahairoi, who liveth and seeth me

Lahmam, their bread; their war

Lahmi, my bread; my war

Laish, a lion

Lamech, poor; made low

Laodicea, just people

Lapidoth, enlightened; lamps

Lasea, thick; wise

Lashah, to call; to anoint

Lazarus, assistance of God

Leah, weary; tired

Lebanon, white, incense

Lebaoth, lividness

Lebbeus, a man of heart; praising; confessing

Lebonah, same as Labana

Lehabim, flames; inflamed; swords

Lehi, jawbone

Lekah, walking; going

Lemuel, God with them, or him

Leshem, a name; putting; a precious stone

Letushim, hammermen; filemen

Leummim, countries; without water

Levi, associated with him

Libnah, white; whiteness

Libni, same as Libnah

Libya, the heart of the sea; fat

Linus, net

Lo-ammi, not my people

Lo-ruhamah, not having obtained mercy; not pitied

Lod, nativity; generation

Lois, better

Lot, Lotan, wrapt up; hidden; covered; myrrh; rosin

Lubin, heart of a man; heart of the sea

Lucas, Lucius, luminous; white

Lucifer, bringing light

Lud, Ludim, same as Lod

Luhith, made of boards

Luke, luminous; white

Luz, separation; departure; an almond

Lycaonia, she-wolf

Lydda, Lydia, a standing pool

Lysanias, that drives away sorrow

Lysias, dissolving

Lysimachus, scattering the battle

Lystra, that dissolves or disperses

Maachah, pressed down; worn; fastened

Maachathi, broken

Maadai, pleasant; testifying

Maadiah, pleasantness; the testimony of the Lord

Maai, belly; heaping up

Maale-akrabbim, ascent of scorpions

Maarath, den; making empty; watching

Maaseiah, the work of the Lord

Maasiai, the defense, or strength, or trust of the Lord

Maath, wiping away; breaking; fearing; smiting

Maaz, wood; wooden

Macedonia, burning; adoration

Machbenah, Machbanai, poverty; the smiting of his son

Machi, poor; a smiter

Machir, selling; knowing

Machnadebai, smiter

Machpelah, double

Madai, a measure; judging; a garment

Madian, judgment; striving; covering; chiding

Madmannah, measure of a gift; preparation of a garment

Madon, a chiding; a garment; his measure

Magbish, excelling; height

Magdala, tower; greatness

Magdalene, a person from Magdala

Magdiel, declaring God; chosen fruit of God

Magog, covering; roof; dissolving
Magor-missabib; fear on every side

Magpiash, a body thrust hard together

Mahalah, Mahalath, sickness; a company of dancers; a harp

Mahaleleel, praising God

Mahali, infirmity; a harp; pardon

Mahanaim, tents; two fields; two armies

Mahanehdan, tents of judgment

Mahanem, a comforter

Maharai, hasting; a hill; from a hill

Mahath, same as Maath

Mahavites, declaring a message; marrow

Mahaz, an end; ending; growing hope

Mahazioth, seeing a sign; seeing a letter

Maher-shalal-hash-baz, making speed to the spoil; he hastens to the prey

Mahlah, Mahli, Mahlon, same as Mahali

Makas, same as Mahaz

Makheloth, assemblies; congregations

Makkedah, worshiping; burning; raised; crookedness

Malachi, my messe

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ch.BOND TENANT, Eng. law. Copyholders and customary tenants are sometimes so
called. Calth. on Copyh. 51, 54.BONDAGE. Slavery.BONIS NON AMOVENDIS. The name of a writ ad

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He keeps going to auditions and sending a resumes to {C|Net
(} because you have to pay your dues.

His credits include being on "Friends" (as an extra), in "ER"
(actually, in an ER - he twisted his ankle once; but he counts
the x-rays as screen credits), and having been the webmaster
of an extensive multimedia interactive web site (his hotlist

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Alternative forms

* abnormalcy
  • abnormalism
  • abnormity


    * Inter: suffix » abnormal|ity


    * Inter: a » US Inter: IPA » /ˌæbˌnɔɹˈmæl.ət.i/|/ˌæbˌnɔɹˈmæl.ɪt.i/|/ˌæbˌnɚˈmæl.ət.i/|/ˌæbˌnɚˈmæl.ɪt.i/


    Inter: en-noun » abnormalities|-

  • The state or quality of being abnormal; variation; irregularity. Inter: defdate » First attested in the mid 19th century.Inter: reference-book » last =| first = | authorlink = | coauthors = | editor =Brown, Lesley | others = | title = The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary | origdate = | origyear = 1933| origmonth = | url = | format = | accessdate = | accessyear = | accessmonth = | edition = 5th | date = | year =2003| month = | publisher =Oxford University Press | location =Oxford, UK | language = | id = | doi = | isbn =978-0-19-860575-7 | lccn = | ol = | pages =6| chapter = | chapterurl = | quote =
    1. Something abnormal; an aberration; an abnormal occurrence or feature. Inter: defdate » First attested in the mid 19th century.


      * normality


      Inter: trans-top » state of being abnormal

  • Asturian: Inter: t- » ast|anormalidá|f
  • Bulgarian: Inter: t+ » bg|неправилност, Inter: t+ » bg|необичайност, Inter: t+ » bg|ненормалност
  • Catalan: Inter: t- » ca|anormalitat|f
  • Finnish: Inter: t- » fi|poikkeavuus
  • French: Inter: t+ » fr|anomalie|f, Inter: t+ » fr|anormalité|f
  • Galician: Inter: t+ » gl|anormalidade|f
  • German: Inter: t+ » de|Abweichung
  • Interlingua: Inter: t- » ia|anormalitate
  • Italian: Inter: t+ » it|anomalia|f
  • Manx: Inter: t- » gv|neureiltys|m

  • Inter: trans-mi » d
    • Portuguese: Inter: t+ » pt|anormalidade
    • Romanian: Inter: t+ » ro|anormalitate|f
    • Serbo-Croatian:
    • : Cyrillic: Inter: t- » sh|абнормалност|f|alt=абнорма́лно̄ст
    • : Roman: Inter: t- » sh|abnormalnost|f|alt=abnormálnōst
    • Slovene: Inter: t- » sl|abnormalnost|f|alt=àbnormálnost
    • Spanish: Inter: t+ » es|anormalidad|f
    • Tagalog: Inter: t- » tl|abnormalidad
    • Turkish: Inter: t+ » tr|anormallik

    Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » something abnormal
    • Asturian: Inter: t- » ast|anormalidá|f
    • Galician: Inter: t+ » gl|anormalidade|f
    • Romanian: Inter: t+ » ro|anormalitate|f
    • Serbo-Croatian:
    • : Cyrillic: Inter: t- » sh|абнормалност|f|alt=абнорма́лно̄ст
    • : Roman: Inter: t- » sh|abnormalnost|f|alt=abnormálnōst

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Slovene: Inter: t- » sl|abnormalnost|f|alt=àbnormálnost

  • Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: checktrans-to » p
    • Inter: ttbc » vi: sự không bình thường, sự khác thường, sự dị thường, vật kỳ quái, quái vật

    Inter: trans-mi » d
    Inter: trans-botto » m


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